Site Development
Areas of expertise include the following:

  I.  Assist you with Homesite Orientation on your property.
          a.  Septic System/Well Location
          b.  Passive Solar Considerations
II.  Options to Homesite Development.  Examples:
          a.  Walkout Basement
          b.  Tree and Natural Landscape Preservation
III. Foundation Excavation and Backfill.  To include:
          a.  Perimeter and Floor Drainage
          b.  Ground Compaction Issues
IV.  Work with and assist with selection of sub-contractors
          and local services.
  V.    Driveway location and installation.  Resurfacing
          driveways to include bluestone and crushed gravel.
  VI.   New Hampshire licensed septic system installer.
  VII. Finish grade homesite to completion.
6 Bullocks Crossing
Grafton, NH 03240
(603) 523-9180
Razor Hill
Razor Hill Excavation specializes in residential sitework development.

Catering to the cost-saving requirements of today's first time builder/homeowner.
Garden pond sitework by Robert Senter of Razor Hill Excavation near Grafton NH
Above: Garden Pond Installation
Clearing for creation of backyard by Bobby Senter of Razor Hill Excavating, Grafton NH
Bluestone driveway resurfacing by Razor Hill Excavation, Grafton, New Hampshire 03240
Above: Bluestone Driveway Resurfacing
Below:  Backyard Clearing